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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
Additional Services

American Music Company's business philosophy is to provide everything that a client could possibly want. We are so much more than a fantastic music library service. We are fully equipped to meet all of your music needs. Your priority is our priority!

Custom and Original Music
We can take any existing selection of music from our catalog and customize it to meet with your special creative requirements. Should you want your production to have a completely original tune or score, we can create from scratch a brand new selection of music based entirely on your specifications. Any genre, style and arrangement of music that your production requires can be accommodated at a moment's notice.

Super Music Sleuths
Using our vast resources, expertise and networking connections, we will overturn every rock to find any style of music that may not be within our own catalog. We will handle all of the paperwork regarding the music licensing in order to make your job easier. Why not take advantage of our numerous contacts with other music publishing sources? Through us you will have unlimited access to more music than you could possibly imagine.

License Popular Songs
We will research, locate and contact the copyright owners of any popular song that you would like to use in your production. With your permission, we will negotiate the proper licensing for the publishing and master recording rights or we can secure permission for you to record your own arrangement.

There are extra fees involved for all of these additional services. Please call so that we may discuss your special music production and licensing needs. American Music Company promises to make your experience an enjoyable one. All of our fees will be very reasonable.

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