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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
Annual Music Subscription

Annual Music License Subscription (Yearly Blanket License)

Unlimited Needle Drops and unlimited productions for a period of one year. Use any piece of our music as often as you want, in anything that you do! All music clearances are granted in Perpetuity.

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Customize your own package. Choose one type of clearance, or bundle them. Total flexibility!
  • Non-broadcast: Corporate, In-house presentations.
  • Commercial-Spots / Promos: (TV, Radio, Cable) Local, Regional, National or Worldwide.
  • Broadcast: (TV, Radio, Cable) Local, Regional, National or Worldwide.
  • Satellite Transmission: Local, Regional, National or Worldwide.
  • Internet clearance: Websites, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pod casts, any Social Media.
  • Educational productions, In-classroom presentations, student films.
  • Distribution: Unlimited copies on any medium, physical or digital formats.
  • Performance Rights clearances are available.

Special consideration provided to:
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Government Institutions.
  • (PBS) Public Broadcasting Service (TV, Radio, Cable) facilities.
  • Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Group deals, multiple facilities / stations bundled together.
  • Get a special deal if you sign up for more than one year.
Additional Benefits of the Annual Music Subscription
All Annual Music Subscription plans include unlimited and free music downloading from our web site. Our entire music catalog is available in both WAV (48k) and better than CD quality MP3 (192k) file formats. Enjoy the privilege of having unlimited access to our music 24-7.

Legal Notice: All music recordings supplied by American Music Company, Inc., whether mastered to compact disc, software, computer hard drive or downloaded via the Internet or through email are owned unconditionally by American Music Company, Inc. and are copyrighted and protected under the Federal Copyright Act of the United States. Any unauthorized use will be considered a violation of this law. Permission to use any music recordings must be obtained through American Music Company, Inc. or through an authorized agent of American Music Company, Inc.

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