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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
Music Catalog

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AM001 - Rock My World
Contemporary Rock music. Exciting, dramatic, aggressive, inspiring, smooth, sexy and fun.

AM002 - Darkness Falls
Horror, suspense and mystery. Psychological, unnerving, supernatural, eerie calm and dramatic. Orchestra.

AM003 - Everlasting Moment
Heartfelt, touching, emotional, moving, gentle, softly sad and romantic.

AM004 - Hot Sweat
Sexy and steamy Rock. Excitement, drama, aggressive, emoting strong desire, confidence and sultry.

AM005 - Broken Dreams
Extreme sadness, melancholy, sentimental, hauntingly beautiful, melodic, contemplative, heartfelt, loneliness.

AM006 - Jalapeno Poppers
Hot blooded Latin music, various styles and arrangements. Arousing, exciting and sexy, dance tracks and romantic ballads.

AM007 - World Safari
Beautifully crafted World Music, light drama, pretty, adventure, grandeur, nature, thoughtful, exotic, innocent wonder.

AM008 - New Frontiers
Exploring new horizons, worlds of wonder, moving forward, light drama, optimistic and meeting life head on.

AM009 - Guitar Anthology
An exciting assortment of guitar arrangements for genres ranging from Hard Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Flamenco to Jazz, Ballads and Classical.

AM010 - Mother Nature
The awesome power, peaceful beauty and drama of Nature. Turbulent, unpredictable, majestic, delicate, gentle and soothing. The changing of the seasons, life on land, in the sea and in the air.

AM011 - Soul Mate
The finest in Light Jazz. Smooth, sophisticated, warm, a touch of drama, totally cool, hip and sexy.

AM012 - Christmas Spirit
Catch the Holiday spirit with this magical, whimsical and magestic collection of well known and original holiday melodies. Full orchestra.

AM013 - Royal Blues
True American blues. Gritty, soulful, sultry, late night, smoky, down and dirty.

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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
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